Officials and Farmer’s Markets

Hello Everyone,

I am excited to announce that I was asked to throw my hat in the ring for President of our Connecting Artist group. Judy M., our current President, has done a great job for the past three years. She lives out of town, however, and wants the office to go to someone who lives closer to Yankton. Our next meeting is Thursday night and we’ll see if I get the votes:) Wish me luck!

An email came from the Corps of Discovery Center earlier this year asking if I’d be interested in drawing caricatures at their Fall Family Festival. Of course, I accepted the job. Well, they are also hosting farmer’s markets every week this summer and guess who’s going to be peddling caricatures? That’s right! Little ol’ me. Come on over to the Corps of Discovery Center and get a silly drawing of yourself sometime!

Jessi Koch


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