END OF AN ERA…Pardon The Cliche

Hello Everyone,
I have just completed my final semester at Academy of Art University!!! I am simultaneously scared and excited, but I have many “irons in the fire” in the Yankton area! Besides working on my portraiture, (Sue Hill and) I have the Trinity Lutheran Church mural to design and paint, Yankton Area Arts’ Kid’s Studio resumes in July, the Corps of Discovery Center’s Farmer’s Market has asked me to do some caricatures, I have a few people interested in private art lessons, and I have volunteered my services to the renovation of the historic Mead Building at the State Hospital. I am also about to send in the paperwork to make my small business legit with the great state of South Dakota! Oh-and I did, in fact, get elected to President of Connecting Artists;) Whew!

Since I’m President now, I will have to miss the first CDC caricature session and every one that falls on the last Thursday of the month in order to attend our meetings. The first Farmer’s Market is on May 29th from 4-7pm at the Corps of Discovery Center, for those of you who would like to check it out, and I believe that they will be every Thursday until August. Now, here’s an idea I had…my little friend Edjer always has these crazy ideas for pictures he wants me to draw and I thought that, in addition to drawing caricatures, I could take requests (so to speak) and charge the same as a caricature. My favorite request from Edjer was when he asked for a picture of Mount Rushmore, but he wanted the Avengers instead of the Presidents:)

I hope to see you all at the Farmer’s Markets over the summer! Bring cash as I don’t have my EIN tax number yet so I’ve not been able to set up my card reader. Thank you.



One thought on “END OF AN ERA…Pardon The Cliche

  1. Congratulations New CA President, your doing a great job! Best wishes in all your new ventures! Your Awesome!

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