Long time…No blog!

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a while…

This July, my brother-in-law, husband, and I traveled to Colorado to attend the most emotional wedding I’ve ever witnessed and to camp in the majestic Rocky Mountains. The Websters, who were married in a small church near a beautiful river, are absolutely amazing together. Even their kids got in on the “I do’s” by initiating a group hug after their parents kiss. Let me tell you, I was bawling through the entire wedding because I’m just so darn happy for those kooky Websters! We had a swell time at the reception where we all belted out karaoke with Yevette.

The Koch brothers -not those Koch brothers haaha- and I also went skydiving for the first time in Luverne, MN! What a ride. If you know me personally, you know about my motion sickness problem. Well, I didn’t escape that during the skydive:( Even though I took two Dramamine, I can add my Tandem Master, Jan, to the list of people on whom I’ve been sick…gravity just doesn’t work the same when you’re flying through the air. Jan said I did really well on the exit from the plane and the landing, but it was that part in the middle that got gross:) I’ll never go again, but I’m glad I got to see the world from that perspective.

The summer session of YAA Kid’s Studio went well and we had so many great little artists! I introduced some art videos to the kids and they had no problems telling me that they already knew most of the content. Ha ha! I guess I should look for some more interesting videos…or skip them altogether…

River Boat Days just ended yesterday and I worked in the heat along with the rest of the local artists at our Connecting Artists Booth. I had a few pieces for sale and did caricatures. We sweated, but we had fun chatting with each other when the booth was empty of visitors. Of course, I ate BBQ, Baklava, and Fiesta Corn while I was at the fair…like I do every year.

This coming Saturday the 23rd, I’ll be doing caricatures at a fund-raiser at Minerva’s in Yankton for the local Boys and Girls Club! I’m still doodling at the Corps of Discovery Farmer’s Market from 4-7:00pm on Thursday nights (not sure how many more markets we have left this summer). Also, I’m still open for private art lessons!

Enjoy the remaining warm days before winter arrives:)


Jessi Koch


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