Party Success

Hello Everyone!

We had a great time at the Courage Art Studio donation party last night! Thank you all for your donations and being there to support my efforts. There were many people from my family in attendance as well as some Yankton Chamber of Commerce members, the current owner of  Studio Art Center, and some out-of-town friends. I really enjoyed all the conversation and chuckled at people’s clear relief when they found out the “group painting activity” was merely painting their names onto the tree limbs. That trepidation toward art makes me more determined to complete my goal. I want to separate art from intimidation and get people comfortable with expressing themselves creatively…give them the COURAGE, if you will, to pursue art on a personal or professional level.

There are still a few days left to donate to this campaign! Every dollar counts:)

Thank you, again, to those who have pledged to donate to Courage Art Studio. I will hug you when we meet again.


Jessi Koch


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