Mild Heartache

Hello Everyone,

Well, unless I get $11,995 donations in the next 45 minutes, my Kickstarter campaign has failed. Fear not, good citizens! I have moved my Courage Art Studio campaign to another crowd funding platform where I am able to keep what you donate. Find Courage Art Studio at or click the link on the right-hand side of my website for more information.

I’m still doing things outside of the internet to raise money for this endeavor. I will be applying zombie makeup for Yankton’s Halloween Harvest Zombie Walk this Friday, October 31st at the Dakota Theatre from 3:00-6:00pm. Studio Art Center’s owners and I are organizing an “Art Etcetera” Auction with original pieces AND MORE to be held after the holiday season. I also have portrait and illustration jobs coming in and, after my school loans are paid, the extra cash goes into savings for Courage Art Studio. This dream will happen.

Have a happy and safe Halloween folks!


Jessi Koch


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