Bona Fide!

Hello Everyone,

I’ve FINALLY received my diploma from Academy of Art University!! It’s official, I’ve graduated. Now I’m bona fide. I knew my grades were good, but it’s nice to have the proof in my hands.

Also, after many harrowing computer issues, I have submitted my Courage Art Studio Kickstarter campaign for the approval of the website’s Community Manager. When my proposal is approved I will launch it on Kickstarter, get it funded, and continue teaching art to my community on a wider scale. I made a video about the campaign and was allowed to interview some young students of Studio Art Center on their thoughts about art and how they would feel if they couldn’t take art classes after Lita and Mark Stuckey move away from Yankton, SD.  I should be contacted before the week is over and then I will officially launch Kickstarter campaign for Courage Art Studio!


Jessi Koch