Private Art Lessons

Description: Rolling Enrollment – join anytime
Personalized attention from a professional artist with an Associate degree in Illustration and a lifetime of artistic experience
– Lessons that are individually crafted to each student’s interests, skill level, and goals
– Beginners to advanced students are welcome
– Express your creativity while developing advanced technical skills
– Work at your own pace with one on one instruction in a multitude of media
– Morning, afternoon, and evening lessons available by appointment
– Students interested in strengthening their skills or learning new techniques can receive instruction in drawing, painting, & portfolio development.

Tuition for 1 student per 1 hour lesson. There is a 4 lesson minimum ($30.00 per private lesson).

Receive additional discounts by paying tuition for more lessons in advance.

It’s possible to request a 2 hr block of time per week equaling two private lessons. Younger students should attend 1 hour at a time.

– 4 lessons: $120.00 ($30.00 per 1 hr private lesson) + SD sales tax = $129.00

– 8 lessons (8 hours): $240.00 – $10 discount = $230.00 + SD sales tax = $247.25

– 12 lessons (12 hours): $360.00 – $20 discount = $340.00 + SD sales tax = $365.50

– 16 lessons (16 hours): $480.00 – $30 discount = $450.00 + SD sales tax = $483.75

– 20 lessons (20 hours): $600.00 – $40.00 discount = $560.00 + SD sales tax = $602.00

Purchasing and using your own art supplies (request a materials list based on your area of interest) or using the instructor’s art supplies for a $15.00 fee are options.

– 4 lessons with materials fee: $120.00 + $15.00 + SD sales tax = $145.13

– 8 lessons with materials fee: $230.00 + $15.00 + SD sales tax = $263.38

– 12 lessons with materials fee: $340.00 + $15.00 + SD sales tax = $381.63

– 16 lessons with materials fee: $450.00 + $15.00 + SD sales tax = $499.88

– 20 lessons with materials fee: $560.00 + $15.00 + SD sales tax = $618.13

***Payment can be made by check (made out to Jessi Koch, PO Box 135, Mission Hill, SD), through Paypal, or through the instructor’s Square card reader. You are encouraged to request further instructions, if you have questions about payment methods.

– Appointments are made on a first come, first served basis
– You may schedule two lessons back to back equaling 2 hrs at a time by request
– New days and times may become available
– Appointments can also be made during winter, spring, & summer vacation
– It is preferred to hold classes in the student’s home, but, if this is not possible, arrangements can be made to meet for lessons at an alternate location.

Available Lesson Dates (Beginning June 2, 2014)
– Mondays 2:00pm-3:00pm
– Wednesdays 2:00pm-3:00pm
– Thursdays 2:00pm-3:00pm
– Will request a day/time

Two time slots can be combined to equal a 2 hr lesson per week.
When combining two 1 hr time slots, tuition per week for 1 student would then be $60.00.

PLEASE READ:Tuition is nonrefundable unless you request an appointment time that is not available.Tuition must be received in order to complete enrollment. Applications will be processed in the order in which tuition is received. Tuition must be received no later than 1 week prior to the start date.

Students absences are included unless the instructor is notified in advance of a cancelation.

Please do not drop off students more than 5 – 10 minutes before class as the instructor may not be at the location prior to that time.

The art studio reserves the right to reject any application or to ask a student to leave class for behavioral issues without providing a refund.

Release of liability: By checking the box in the form below, the student and/or parent(s) or guardian(s) hereby and forever discharge, release, and hold harmless the instructor(s), sponsors(s) and operators(s) from all liabilities and law suits regarding any damage, loss or injury resulting from the student’s participation in art classes/programs at the location(s) at which the Art Instruction takes place. The release of liability includes the waiting area where students are picked up after instruction has been completed. Respectively, if lessons are held in your home, the instructor releases the resident of any liability.

YOU MUST MARK THE BOX IN THE FORM BELOW TITLED “YES” TO INDICATE THAT: you have read all the policies, procedures and the release of liability and agree to follow them. (Your enrollment application will not be considered unless this box is checked.) Also, you are aware that: Student absences are included unless the instructor is notified in advance of a cancellation.


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